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Lead Abatement

We Inspect, Assess, & Eliminate Risks

At Perfect Touch, our certified lead abatement experts help property owners securely inspect, assess, and eliminate lead-based paint risks.

What Is Lead Abatement?

Lead abatement is the process that can reduce or eliminate the risk of lead poisoning to ensure your home is safe. It involves identifying and removing lead-based paint, dust, or other sources of lead contamination from your property.


Lead Abatement Permits in Washington DC

Homeowners and contractors need lead abatement and renovation permits from the Department of Energy 


Renovation Permits in Washington DC

You will need the following permits to obtain a renovation permit:


How Perfect Touch Can Help

Perfect Touch is a full-service remodeling contractor. We have over 22 years of experience in offering high-quality


Why Choose Us?

As a remodeling company, we’ve worked on a diverse range of remodeling projects and are equipped to handle complex lead abatement tasks.


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Our Services


Lead Abatement

Our certified lead abatement professionals inspect, assess, and remove lead-based paint from government, commercial, and residential buildings.



We can renovate or remodel your property to suit your style and budget after removing the old lead-based paint.


Lead Abatement Permit Procuration

Do you own a property built before 1978? We can help if you want to renovate independently or need lead abatement permits. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, we can procure all the necessary permits to renovate your property.

Steps Involved in Lead Abatement


Inspection and Assessment

We ensure that all projects are carried out with the utmost professionalism using quality materials and by our own qualified team.


Strategic Planning

Based on the inspection results, the Perfect Touch team will create a customized lead abatement and follow-up renovation plan tailored to your needs.

Containment and Preparation


Before we start, the problem area needs to be enclosed and isolated to ensure no lead dust spreads to other areas. Our team barricades the entire area using plastic sheets and employs negative air pressure systems.

Abatement and Cleanup


Our team will use specialized tools and protective equipment and follow established protocols to minimize the risk of exposure and address lead-based hazards. After completion, we conduct a comprehensive cleanup, including wet cleaning, HEPA vacuuming, and proper waste disposal. The area is then tested to check if it meets safety standards and to ensure no lead contamination remains.


Ways to Minimize Risks Associated With Lead-Based Paint

paint (1).png


Enclosure temporarily covers lead-based painted surfaces with durable materials to prevent exposure, but it may not always be suitable or applicable to all situations



Encapsulation involves the use of a special coating or sealant to create a barrier on the lead-based painted surface, stopping the release of lead dust or chips. It provides long-term protection but needs occasional maintenance to stay effective.

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If you are looking for a permanent solution, removal is the best option. It’s highly effective in areas with a high friction or impact risk, such as windows, doors, and staircases. It involves carefully stripping or scraping the paint under controlled conditions to prevent the dispersion of lead dust.

Exposure to lead-based paint poses several health threats to children and adults. If you live in a house built prior to 1978 or suspect the presence of lead-based paint in your home, it’s essential to work with lead abatement professionals immediately. This is because young children put things in their mouths, putting them at risk of ingesting lead paint chips or coming into contact with lead on their hands after touching peeling or cracking lead paint. Another issue with chipping paint is that it can be inhaled. You can ensure your family's safety by having Perfect Touch identify and remove lead-based paint from your premises. Find out more by contacting us today!


Protect Your Family

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