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The Dangers of Lead Paint

Don’t Let Lead-Based Paint Endanger Your Family

Protect your family from the
dangers of lead paint

If your home was built before 1978, you and your family may be vulnerable to lead poisoning. Lead-based paint is especially dangerous when it’s chipped, peeling, or chalky. Protect your family from damaging health risks with lead abatement.

Lead Paint Can Cause Neurological Issues

Lead can cause major physical and neurological issues especially in your children. This is why the production of lead-based paint was banned in the US in 1978. Here’s what you need to know about this paint type:


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The Danger of Lead-Based Paint

Abdominal pain, headaches, irritability, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, fatigue, and even cognitive decline are some of the issues caused by lead poisoning. Lead poisoning can slow down your child’s development and cause other problems. But don’t worry. With timely intervention, you can reduce the risks.


Perfect Touch specializes in full-service remodeling and lead abatement—let us help you keep your family safe. Our lead abatement services include risk inspection, assessment, and removal to eliminate lead hazards.

Beware of the danger for your Children

While lead is dangerous for adults, it’s more harmful for children. Lead poisoning can cause developmental delays, learning difficulties, hearing problems, and behavioral issues in children.  This is because children’s brains and nervous systems are still developing. What’s more? The risk of lead poisoning increases when surfaces painted with lead-based paint peel, crack, or chip. This is because young children put things in their mouths, putting them at risk of ingesting lead paint chips or coming into contact with lead on their hands after touching peeling or cracking lead paint. Another issue with chipping paint is that it can be inhaled.

What to Do if Your Child Ingests Lead

Children may touch surfaces that have lead and accidentally ingest it. Sometimes the symptoms of lead poisoning can be hard to identify. So, if you doubt your child is at risk, talk to a qualified medical professional as soon as possible. 

Essential Home Safety Measures

If you live in an old home constructed before 1978 or suspect your home or property may have lead-based paint, and you have children it is imperative  that you protect them can take the following precautionary measures:

Regular Cleaning

Clean all surfaces regularly with wet mops or cloths to prevent the spread of lead dust.


Eat Healthy

Include a balanced diet with calcium, iron, and vitamin C to minimize lead absorption.


Address Peeling or Chipping Paint

If you notice paint peeling or chipping, consult lead abatement professionals for proper action.


Hand Hygiene

Encourage routine handwashing to minimize the risk of contamination.


Call a Lead Abatement Professional

Call a lead abatement professional if you suspect any lead-based paint hazards in your home. If you are looking for certified lead abatement experts, Perfect Touch can help. Give us a call today to learn more.


Protect Your Family

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